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April 8, 2017

Hello, Mistress Butterfly - Whimsical Fox and Butterfly Portrait - Deb Kirkeeide

Hello, Mistress Butterfly | 12 x 12 x 1.5 Oil | ©2016 Deb Kirkeeide
This whimsical fox portrait came back home from a fox exhibition at True North Gallery in Massachusetts. This one was a lot of fun to paint and I love the soft greys and warm oranges and yellows.
I think this would be a wonderful addition to a nursery or child's room.  Or anywhere you would like to add a bit of fun to the room.

Hello, Mistress Butterfly  |  600.00 free SH | Purchase Here

February 15, 2017

The Wanderer - Wildlife Falcon Painting

I find birds a bit mystical. Representing a certain freedom, they fascinate me and are fun to paint.
And as with most animals that seem to show up often on my radar, I look for the symbolism in their presence.

Must be the Shaman in me. :)

This is a Peregrine Falcon. The word Peregrine also means Wanderer.
I see it as offering the symbols of resilience and hope. Having once been on the brink of extinction due to pesticides, the Peregrine has made a comeback due to recovery efforts and pesticide banning. May it continue to thrive.

Most of the symbolism I found was written about the Kestrel, which is the smallest member of the falcon family. But if you are curious for more, I found this writing on Kestrels by Ina Woolcott on the site called Shamanic Journey. 


 The Wanderer | 8x8 Oil | $350   Available for purchase here.

February 12, 2017

Autumn's Bounty  -  Plein Air Painting Apples on the Tree

Autumn's Bounty | 6x8 Oil | ©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

Fresh apples right on the tree! A plein air painting from a paint-out at Sovereign Estate Wineries in Waconia Minnesota. Who said you had to go to the coast for great wine? What a beautiful winery.

We spent the day painting on the grounds and of course sampled their fine wines and a good food.
What a perfect day!

Autumn's Bounty
6x8 Oil Framed
$400 + SH Purchase here

February 7, 2017

Ever Green - Minnesota plein air landscape

Ever Green | 6x8 Oil on Linen | Framed | ©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

While taking advantage of our beautiful fall weather this past fall, this little tree on the hill caught my eye. Like a pretty dancer with her skirts a-twirl, the little evergreen dances against a backdrop of beautiful fall color.

Painted in Carver Park Reserve, Waconia, MN

This painting is framed and ready for your space. The framed size is 11.25 x 13.25
Available for your purchase here.

January 31, 2017

Flower Face - Barn Owl Wildlife Painting

After taking a step back to enjoy the holidays and the slow time of January, I'm back! I truly believe it is beneficial to lean into the slow time and natural rhythm of January's winter.

I'm feeling inspired, rested and excited to see what is next.

I haven't been completely dormant. I've been painting and exploring new avenues of creativity by trying my hand in the  3 dimensional avenue of assemblage art which was great fun. I hope to share at another time. Painting is still my passion but I think it is really good to step out of my box and stretch those creative muscles. I have lots of ideas so I will have to see where it will all go.

As I was painting this sweet little barn owl, I was reminded of the story in Welsh mythology of the Welsh Goddess Blodeuwedd who was fashioned from flowers by two great magicians, who gave her life and gave her to a man she'd never met. Having no say in the matter, she grew to greatly dislike him and long for her freedom. Taking a lover she plotted to take her husbands life and when she fled she was cursed by one of the magicians and turned into an owl as punishment.

In Welsh, Blodeuwedd, meaning "Flower-face", is a name for the owl.

Flower Face  8x8 Oil $350 + SH
Purchase Flower Face for your art collection

November 26, 2016

Sitting Ducks - Wild Life painting of Mallards by Deb Kirkeeide

As I painted a different view of the lake before me, the Mallards started gathering and sunning themselves on the fallen log right off shore before me. I couldn't resist - they were sitting for me and inviting me to paint their portrait. There was a constant parade vying for the perfect spot of sun.

Special pricing on this little gem and it would make the perfect gift for all those outdoors enthusiasts out there.

150.00 Free Shipping

October 19, 2016

Lone Aspen - Plein Air Minnesota Landscape - Deb Kirkeeide

Early in the summer I spent time painting near Grand Marais on the North Shore of Lake Superior.
The landscape was filled with rich greens and this little aspen stood out in it's golden green splendor.

Lone Aspen
8x6 Oil on Linen
$200 Purchase here